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What do you think of sapphire engagement rings? 

I love deep, inky-blue sapphires, I think they're beautiful. But for an engagement ring, my friend said a princess cut sapphire on white gold would look "trashy". Is it better to just opt for a diamond?
  • Wed Apr 28 15:33:51 BRT 2010

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You've rcvd a few good answers. I want to add something here.

White gold isn't a great choice for a "silver" look. The white gold is nothing but yellow gold dipped and coated in the silver coloring. Its another metal but I'm not going to profess to know the name of it.

My ring is white gold. and the silvery rubs off and shows patches of yellow underneath. I bought my ring at Kays and it has a life time warranty on it and I'm always sending it back to get refinished.

Choose something other then white gold, as its alot of hassle to get it fixed all the time. Pick a hard silvery metal instead. Noone will know any difference anyhow.

I hate yellow gold myself, looks bad on my skin. But there are tons of metals out there that are just as pretty and more durable then just dipped gold.

I LOVE the blue sapphire idea. georgeous.
  • resposta em: 28 Abril 2010

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  • Your friend is absolutely wrong. Sapphires are never trashy. You have plenty of options for your engagement ring, diamonds and sapphires are just two of them. Explore your options and get what you want.

    Personally, I love sapphires and coloured stones, but decided I preferred colourless for my engagement ring, so went with moissanite.

    ETA: Becky makes a good point. These days white gold is simply yellow gold mixed with cheap alloys and dipped in rhodium, a process that will need to be completed over and over at a cost. You might want to consider palladium or platinum, both of which are hypoallergenic and naturally white. You could also consider titanium or tungsten, but there are currently less engagement ring designs in these materials.

    ETA: Twins on board...I just love your ring!
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • Well then call me trashy lol. I have a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and I get compliments on it all the time. They are very popular in England apparently and most people feel the need to let me know that Princess Di had a sapphire lol. I attached my ring link, I love it! Wish I got it for then price it is now, but mine is a little bigger so can't complain.

    EDIT: thanks so much Perse!! I recently had it re-dipped so it shines so pretty, love when you get them back after being cleaned lol!
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • I think it's all about personal preference. I don't think it's trashy at all, just unique. I say you should go with what you want, and not worry too much about what someone else thinks about it. It's your ring, after all.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • I think it'll look beautiful. Who cares what your friend thinks. You're the one who's going to wear it. :) A sapphire stone can cost just as much as a diamond or even more. They're very rare.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • My engagement ring is a Pink Sapphire set in white gold, and my wedding band is tungsten carbide. It really is up to you, you are the one that has to wear it for the rest of your marriage, so get what you enjoy!
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • It will look beautiful and it's your ring, you have to wear it for the rest of your life, so go for it. You could always get one with a sapphire and diamonds too.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • Princess Diana had a sapphire engagement ring. Actually, they were tradition up until the time of Queen Victoria. I personally love them. They're very traditional and elegant.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • My ring was a bypass with bezel set diamonds and an oval sapphire is the middle between the bypass.

    Sapphires are classic and so beautiful.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • I think they are beautiful that is what i wanted it's your ring if that is what you like then get it
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • your engagement ring can be any kind of stone and precious metal you want it to be. if you love blue sapphires, go for it.
    • 28 Abril 2010
  • there look beautiful
    • 28 Abril 2010